Our leading metro paper, New Zealand Herald, has just reprinted from the "Financial Times" an article challenging the convential wisdom about "climate change". The artcle says: "It's a fallacy explored by Bjorn Lomborg in his book, False Alarm. The main threat to polar bears was not changing climate, he claims, but (now curbed) wild hunting. 'If we want to protect [polar bears], rather than dramatically reducing carbon dioxide emissions to try to tweak temperatures over many decades with a clearly uncertain impact . . . our first step should be to stop shooting them,' he writes. Lomborg's is one of two books that set out to challenge what one might call 'climate miserabilism'. The other is Apocalypse Never by Michael Shellenberger, an American environmentalist turned pro-nuclear campaigner. They explore the way in which climate policy is increasingly shaped by emotive, alarmist and sometimes misleading messages."


For anyone unable to open the Herald page. the text is here in pdf:

200920 - Are cooler heads needed on climate change - NZ Herald.pdf